COMM Courses

Here is information about COMM class enrollment for summer I 2024. Classes with no meeting time listed are not shown. Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments/issues. I am happy to add any departments that are missing from these listings, just reach out to ask!

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Class Number Class Meeting Time Instructor Room Unreserved Enrollment Reserved Enrollment Total Enrollment Wait List
1996COMM  100 - 001   Communication and Social ProcessMoTuWeTh 3:00PM - 5:00PMJacob SmithTBA3/25Seats filled3/250/999
1249COMM  113 - 002   Public SpeakingMoTuWeThFr 11:30AM - 1:00PMJoseph RichardsDavie Hall-Rm 010120/24Seats filled20/240/999
1108COMM  120 - 001   Introduction to Interpersonal and Organizational CommunicationMoTuWeThFr 9:45AM - 11:15AMSpirit ElderDey Hall-Rm 0313Seats filledSeats filled19/190/999
2399COMM  120 - 002   Introduction to Interpersonal and Organizational CommunicationMoTuWeThFr 1:15PM - 2:45PMDaniel RussoTBASeats filledSeats filled20/200/999
2466COMM  120 - 003   Introduction to Interpersonal and Organizational CommunicationMoTuWeThFr 11:30AM - 1:00PMAmelia ParkerTBASeats filledSeats filled15/150/999
1650COMM  140 - 001   Introduction to Media History, Theory, and CriticismMoTuWeThFr 1:15PM - 2:45PMJaclyn OlsonTBA16/25Seats filled16/250/999
1963COMM  150 - 01M   Introduction to New MediaMoTuWeThFr 1:15PM - 4:30PMJOYCE RUDINSKYCommunication Media-Rm 01058/14Seats filled8/140/999
1251COMM  160 - 001   Introduction to Performance StudiesMoTuWeThFr 9:45AM - 11:15AMMegan FosterCommunication Media-Rm 01122/20Seats filled2/200/999
1252COMM  170 - 001   Rhetoric and Public IssuesMoTuWeThFr 9:45AM - 11:15AMCristiana McfarlandTBA14/25Seats filled14/250/999
1253COMM  224 - 001   Introduction to Gender and CommunicationMoTuWeThFr 9:45AM - 11:15AMKayla CorbinTBA10/18Seats filled10/180/999
2113COMM  450 - 002   Media and Popular CultureMoTuWeTh 3:00PM - 5:00PMSean McewanTBA11/25Seats filled11/250/999
1974COMM  453 - 001   The History of New Media Technology in Everyday LifeMoTuWeThFr 9:00AM - 12:15PMMICHAEL PALMTBA15/25Seats filled15/250/999